HRH Princess Dr. Nisreen Bint El-Sharif Mohammed Bin King Faisal (I) Bin El-Sharif
Hussein El-Hashemite’s origin combines history, religion, politics and education, as
she is from the Hashemite Family; the holiest family among the Arab World and a
direct descendent of the Prophet of Islam, Mohammed (S).
Princess Nisreen is the granddaughter of
King Faisal (I) of Iraq, who was the
leader of the Arabic Revolution against the Ottoman Empire in defiance of the
forced illiteracy upon the Arabs and then to become the first King of Iraq and
founder of the Modern State of Iraq where the Iraqi Nation with all of its diversified
ethnic origins and religions for the first time in the history became united under his
democratic values implemented through education, tolerance, respect for one
another, and upholding good relations between neighboring and international
Following in the steps of her ancestors and vowing to preserve the traditions of her
family; not only Princess Dr. Nisreen dedicated herself to serving mankind, but also
is an internationally recognized researcher and awards achiever in the fields of
arts, literature, humanitarian affairs, and science:
- The first Royal Princess in the world to be qualified in science and medicine, with
a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, Master of Science, Medical Doctorate and a
PhD in Human Genetics.
- Published several scientific papers & studies as original investigations and is the
author of 3 books.
- The Founder President of the
Women in Science International League.
- When she doesn’t paint, Princess Nisreen, as a medical doctor at Brigham and
Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, conducts research on sex
differences in tuberous sclerosis, which will lead to new therapeutic strategies.

In 2007, Princess Nisreen left her scientific career at Harvard Medical School,
which she adores to devote herself for serving Science Technology & Medicine
Education and Research in the Arab World, throughout RASIT and its programs.
Currently, and in collaboration with renowned American and British Institutes, she
is working on establishing a Pan-Arab Scientific Research Institution for Science
and Innovation. She also is working on serving the children and women of Iraq in
particular and whoever is in need for help in general.

At present, Princess Dr Nisreen is the Executive Director of the
Royal Academy of
Science International Trust (RASIT), and President of Women in Science
International League.
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